The Brand Planet

I am the founder of the Brand Planet which stands on an effective source of information for decision-makers and opinion leaders in the world of brand management, marketing, and media.


The Brand Planet, based on the idea of ​​a community idea that encourages and inspires courage, vitality, and energy out of static and ordinary, and whose main principle is to provide unbiased, accurate, and informative news, continues to strengthen its strength day by day. Today, The Brand Planet is a media brand with a globalization goal focused on creativity, modern technology, business management, data and analysis, people and culture, innovations.

What The Brand Planet stands for?

As the new generation media portal, the first target is to be a platform that provides effective content for the rules-setting and memorizing ideas, as well as the impressive content of interdisciplinary approaches, as well as ideas that will provide added value to the culture of the companies within the scope of human orientation as well as 30 different subjects.

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