I’m good at

Brand Management and Marketing Communication Professional, Creative/ Digital. Entrepreneur, Gorsel Atolye and The Brand Planet. Photography Professional for hobby.

In the beginning, I have seven main objectives in my life that help me to shape.


1. Education-Life

After graduating from Bilkent University Business Information Management Department as Honor Student, I have held a master's degree as Honor Student in Advertising and Brand Communication Department at Bahcesehir University. Also in those days, I involved in the management of school clubs at Bilkent University. I have established the bowling club, a leader at the project groups, photographer at Bilkent News, involved in Personal Development & Career Days, assisted for Turkey's eastern regions to stationery and clothing assistance, the organization of events such as the reforestation of the school campus and took part in its realization. I was awarded the Award of Excellence in Extra-Curricular Activities.

2. Work-Life

Career is like a fish and work life is a sea. You cannot achieve anything without dive in the deep of the sea. Since I have started, I decided to define my work skills as Brand & Marketing communication/management. That’s why I have shaped my work expectations according to them. During my career, I have had the chance to experience many boutique agencies besides large scale organizations like WPP sub-brand Kantar, one of the biggest Turkish firms Yıldız Holding, an important player in the health sector Acıbadem Holding, and Bilkent Holding has many different brands in different sectors.

3. Entrepreneurship

It’s like a priceless passion to have great success. To achieve it, I have currently worked on a project called Görsel Atölye. It’s a creative brand and communication agency initiative that combines arts, science, and all existence into one place. That’s why the slogan is where creative ideas meet. The other effort to achieve success is The Brand Planet. It’s my new website all about creative brand and communication like Görsel atölye does. Moreover,  I currently have started to work on the creative brand and communication model which helps to the extraordinary brand creation steps model, and I have continued to develop it. It will be soon patented.

4. Personal Development

It’s a way of creating own luck in our lives. For a long time, I have kept investing in my valuable and interpersonal skills, industry knowledge. To do that, I have participated in both virtual training programs and seminars that help to broaden my horizon. In light of that, I have become master level modern technologies and its elements. The elements consist of two parts. One of them is software knowledge that includes Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, InCopy, After Effects), Microsoft Office (Word,  PowerPoint, Excel), and Apple‘s software (Final Cut Pro, GarageBand and its office software too).

5. Master and Apprentice

We are responsible to help the next generation to leave them a better life. Even I am busy in work life, still actively involved in activities and share my ideas at different platforms both online and offline. For instance, I made a presentation called "Creating an extraordinary brand" and mentioned the shortcuts of creating a unique brand at the event that Bilkent University Young Entrepreneurs Club. Moreover, I have shared my observations, prediction about futures in case of marketing and brands in my blog which called the brand planet.

6. Social responsibility

How can we repay to nature and its creature in a good way? To do that, I have made an effort to support civil society organizations like TEGV volunteer basis awareness project and UNICEF as much as they can.


7. Hobbies

Even though busy work life, refreshment is essential to be sustainable. For this reason, 
I have allocated time to myself for hobbies like photography, ebru art, oil painting, creative writing, trekking & camping, and cooking. 

I am ready to use all of my capabilities and potential for the growth and sustainability of the organization. Are you? Let’s do it.

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Kayseri, 1988, Single

B Class Driving Licence


Military service has done


Honour Student, Bahcesehir Uni.

Honour Student, Bilkent Uni.

Award Of Excellence In Extra-Curricular Activities, Bilkent University


Brand Management and
Marketing Communication

Creative Design Approach


Senior Marketing Specialist,

Creative and Digital

Acıbadem Health Group

Digital Marketing and
Product Manager Assistant

Gained access and manages relationships with technical personnel and decision-makers

Identified operational strengths and challenges within the customer’s environment


Analyzed and applies industry, competitor and market knowledge to the positive value of Healthcare solutions


Helped to develop product management documentation, including, product concept proposals, business case, formal product requirement specification, launch plans, product collaterals


Conducted research and analysis of new healthcare technologies, potential system integrations, etc.

Aggregated and analyzed industry, competitors and customer data

Wrote detailed reports and presenting results

Helped the creative development, design, and execution of projects that include print, signage, presentations, interactive and digital media

Collaborated with other groups as appropriate to develop a strategic perspective on new markets and technologies

Assisted in managed and maintained prioritized products

from requests from internal findings, existing product analysis, and industry trends

Assisted to the formulation of the strategy, marketing, sales, creating value propositions

Conducted research and analysis to provide business and market insight, especially of the Turkish Market

Worked with the digital marketing team in the design and implementation of new digital contents

Got and constantly increased the knowledge about the Acıbadem’s healthcare products and used technologies

I work closely with the Marketing Director and responsible Creative design and marketing work for Turkey, Russia, Iberia, Belgium, Eastern South European region

Lead champion all aspects of marketing internally and externally for lines of digital audience, including press releases, PR, website, event planning, conference participation, social media channels, sales decks, training materials

Increasing awareness and understanding of the Kantar brand, press and targets in the Turkish market, and the delivery of a co-ordinated brand and content marketing program determined by the marketing director.

Execute the annual marketing plan determined by Marketing director

Design a pre-determined suite of brand-level marketing and sales deliverables that support the Kantar positioning and reflect the breadth and depth of Kantar’s full capability in Turkey

Manage marketing campaigns as part of larger initiatives

Develop key PR messages for the press to support the positioning and tell the Kantar Turkey story through media channels in an impactful way.     

Manage & measure day-to-day Kantar Turkey PR activities

Create compelling cross Operating Brand internal communications - develop and implement an annual corporate internal communications plan inclusive of all parts of the organization

Design the delivery of all Kantar Turkey organized events

More impactful & relevant external (content) & internal communications

Work under the guidance of the Design Lead to manage the design process from concept to completion.

Collaborate and keep in touch with other marketing and design teams across Kantar including corporate Global marketing divisions

Oversee the social media strategy and editorial calendar

Act as the subject matter expert regarding Information Design, Data Visualization with a focus on Infographics also event marketing materials, and other marketing communication elements

Assist with promotion and development of industry relationships to ensure strong collaboration

Yıldız Holding


Brand Manager

Assisted and implemented marketing, innovation and communication strategies and marketing plans for the area of responsibility

Followed the market dynamics and competition with research reports and prepares analysis based on research data. Develops recommendations and action plans accordingly

Liaised with Aytaç’s media, digital, creative & PR agencies on key marketing campaigns

General administration tasks such as product sample orders, maintaining presentations for internal & external reviews

Performed sales and consumer KPIs monitoring and follow up, from getting data to defining so what/action plan

Responsible from in-store communication and shopper communication of the campaigns

Coordinated events, sampling activities, promotions and other BTL projects with agencies

Assist to a managed digital marketing (social media and digital campaigns),

Created ideas for communication under the brand of responsibility

Kept track of new market developments and competition, work closely with the sales group

Insights collection and synthesizing performance of brand/products for Aytaç, as well as item-level forecasting, tracking and performance summaries providing recommendations to the Brand Manager

Planned and implement the introduction of new products in conjunction with the Brand Manager

Consulted with Sales, Planning, Customer Marketing, and Finance to ensure the most effective and profitable marketing of products

Developed marketing campaign plans for designated brands in conjunction with the Brand Manager

Contributed to the development of the full year brand strategic plan with the Brand Manager

Liaised with other Yildiz Holding brands on brand issues including product development, brand direction strategy, creative, pricing and market research

Kept abreast of trends and new competitors in the charcuterie market, ensuring Aytaç stays aware of competitor brand activities, licensing programs, and new entrants.


Marketing Communication
and Creative Design Specialist

Acted as the subject matter expert regarding Information Design, Data Visualization with the main focus on Infographics

Supported Kantar Turkey’s design direction and creative execution on client deliverables, pitches and marketing initiatives

Adhered to global Kantar brand guidelines, while adding custom flair on a project-by-project basis

Worked under the guidance of the Design Lead to manage the design process from concept to completion.

Created some great designed materials that will bring our data insights to life for our clients!

I was responsible for transforming abstract ideas, data, insights into a more visually appealing and story-led manner

Simplified complex points into a simple and most effective construct by creating diagrams to illustrate a point

Execute best-in-class events for a company working across various businesses and function lines to support their objectives

Work with the marketing director to plan, execute and evaluate the flagship marketing campaign in Beijing
Build and maintain a good relationship with key media and raise brand awareness for the firm

Manage small and mid-size events independently
Supervise the event company and vendor for assigned projects to achieve the best result

Liaise with event organizers on sponsorship opportunities, event logistics to ensure smooth operation during the event

Plan and execution of internal and external communication for new marketing initiatives

Responsible for communications with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, media, business communities, and the public

Liaise directly with business line to support them and provide tactical recommendations around their event and communication programs

Guide video production house to make the video for service and project pitching

Other ad-hoc tasks

The Brand Planet

Executive Director

Görsel Atölye

Executive Director



Master Degree,

Advertising and Brand

Communication Management,

Bahcesehir University

Bachelor Degree,

Business Information Management,

Bilkent University

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